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Reese Da Realist

Maurice Hairston, better known by his stage name Reese Da Realist, grew up in the Glenarden neighborhood of Maryland. Reese Da Realist has gradually established himself as a flourishing songwriter, rapper, producer and trail blazing hip-hop artist from the DMV (DC, MD & VA) area. He is driven by success and is determined to make it B.I.G in the music industry.  Reese has a very innovative sound, with lyrics that separate him from most rappers today. He is a leader with an attitude that will propel him to immeasurable success.

As a follow-up to his debut release “Reese Da Realist,” Reese’s second solo
effort, “Presidential Suite,” was released July 14, 2009.  “Presidential Suite” welcomed listeners to his world and showcases his talent as the best upcoming rapper in the game today. By performing at numerous open mics, and nightclubs like Gee’s Nightclub in Hyattsville, MD throughout the summer of 2009, Reese has created a serious buzz and is now attracting the attention of fellow artists, record labels, and
industry insiders.  Reese has also performed alongside Violet Says 5 at Axum Restaurant, Almaz Ethiopian Restaurant and The Expo Restaurant & Lounge in Washington, DC.

In March 2011, Reese officially started his own independent record label, Tha Newz
Entertainment.  Reese continues to make a name for himself by expanding his fan base through Twitter, Facebook and new music available via BandCamp.  On
November 22, 2012, Reese Da Realist released his third album “Long Flight,” in
which he and the single “Good Life” was featured on 93.9FM WKYS radio station
who spot lighted local artists.  Reese Da Realist is also featured on DJ Homicide mix tape 2095 and has been voted as one of VYN: Top 30 Unsigned Artists. Throughout 2012, Reese has made several appearances which include Trill Talk Radio, WLSV Radio, LIV Night Club, and Club One in Alexandria, VA as well as performing in shows in other states like Raleigh, North Carolina.

Reese Da Realist has been taking the music industry by storm.  When asked what separates him from other artists, what makes him stand out? Reese replies “I’m consistent, versatile, a risk taker and I write what I feel”. He has also stated when asked how he comes up with such great lyrics? “I write what the track tells me”.  “You can hear my hunger, my passion”.  “I sound as if I’m in the industry, and I’m not”.  Whether he is performing on stage or recording in the studio on his own projects or collaborative efforts with other artists, Reese commands the attention of all who are present and is certain to make his presence known in the world of music and beyond.

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